Coach and Manager Roles

Team Manager

Miniroos (U5-U9) teams may or may not have a Manager. If not, the Coach fills both roles. It is essential for U12 and older teams to have a Manager, because of the responsibility for Match Cards. The Club prefers U10-U11 teams to have a Manager responsible for paying the Referee at away games, organising field dressing, and managing the playing shirts. The Manager’s role can be shared between several people, if desired. The Club requires the name of one contact person per team, who is responsible for handling Club messages to teams. Team Managers have the following roles attending to administrative matters so that Coaches can devote their time to coaching, ie:

Team Coach

The Coach runs a training session(s) for the team each week, and coaches the team on Match Days. This involves placing players in positions, and substituting players during the game. Coaches should devote their time to training and coaching, rather than carrying out administrative tasks (except for Miniroos).