Junior & MiniRoo team photos

Our MiniRoo and Junior team photographs continue this Saturday the 20th of June. See your teams photo time below. Please arrive at least 10 mins before your allocated photo time. This will allow the team to get organised and make the experience an enjoyable one for everybody.

Please have all your child there ready for the photo with Jerseys on and tucked in and everyone is to have Tuggeranong United socks on.

Photo envelopes should be coming home with you child. But there is also a copy of the photo order envelope here if for some reason your child’s envelope did not come home with them. You can print this off and fill it in and attach it to a blank envelope if required. There are 3 ways to pay, either by old fashioned cash, Eftpos on the day or by using the online option below.

The photographer Michael Thompson Photography has also provided some useful links to assist coaches and parents prepare for the day.

*  Answers to frequently asked questions (including what to do if your child will be away on the day) can be found under the heading “Team Photos FAQ” Click here to read

*  There is an option to order and make payments online –

Online order form click enter here and please also select “Your team” in the school or club tab


Time 13th June 20th June
8am U/9 Greyhounds (Bye on 20th) U/9 Huskies (Bye on 14th)
8.10am U/9 Beagles U/9 Boxers
8.20am U/9 Bulldogs U/9 Collies
8.25am U/9 Terriers U/9 Spaniels
8.30am U/9 Dalmatians U/6 Rovers
8.40am U/6 Victory U/6 Wanderers
8.45am U/6 Turtles U/6 Stars (Bye on 14th)
8.50am U/6 Blazers (Bye on 20th) U/6 Fury
8.55am U/6 Galaxy U/6 Glory
9am U/6 Knights U/6 Phoenix
9.05am U/6 Pirates U/6 Roar
9.10am U/5 Storm U/5 Thunder
9.15am U/5 Comets U/5 Cosmos
9.20am U/5 Flames U/5 Lightning
9.25am U/5 Rockets U/5 Strikers
9.30am U/8 Crocs (Bye on 20th) U/8 Wombats (Bye on 14th)
9.35am U/8 Dingoes U/8 Kangas
9.40am U/8 Penguins U/8 Possums
9.45am U/8 Thunderstrike U/8 Wallabies
9.50am U/8 Bats
10am U/7 Ducks U/7 Eagles
10.05am U/7 Falcons U/7 Harriers
10.10am U/7 Hawks U/7 Herons
10.15am U/7 Kestrels U/7 Kites
10.20am U/7 Kookaburras U/7 Magpies
10.30am U/7 Ospreys U/7 Owls
10.40am U/10 Div 2a White U/10 Div 1 Red
10.50am U/10 Div 3 Black U/10 Div 2b Green
11.20am U/11 Girls 2a Matildas
11.30am U/11 Div 3 Blue – Angrybirds U/11 Div 1 Red
11.40am U/13 Div 2a Blue U/13 Girls Div 2 Diamonds
11.50am U/13 Div 2b Gold U/11 Girls 2b Hawks
12.00pm U/14 Div 2 Blue U/12 Div 3 Blue
12.30pm U/14 Div 3
12.40pm U/12 Div1 (Tugg Development) U/12 Div 1 Red
12.50pm U/14 Div 1 (Tugg Development)
1.15pm U/15 Div 2
1.30pm U/18 Div 2
2pm U/16 Div2 U/16 Girls Div 2


We have a number of slots on Saturday 20th available for Men’s and Women’s State League teams who would like professional photos taken.  Managers please contact janeane@mtphoto.com.au to arrange a timeslot.

Men’s and Women’s Premier League team photos will be taken on 19 July, with further details available soon.