Tuggeranong United Statement on Capital Football Academy

Tuggeranong United and our fellow PS4 National Premier League-Capital Football clubs have today released a statement to clarify information in a media article earlier this week about a Canberra United Academy being launched from the current Capital Football Academy program.

We would like to ensure that our members are aware of TUFC’s stance on a number of issues.

  • TUFC supports a member federation development program run by Capital Football, however rather than the current model, we support the program complementing the NPL and WPL, not being an alternative to them. This aligns with the FFA Whole of Football Plan and is an unwavering view we have held for many years.
  • TUFC supports wholeheartedly an ACT region team in the National Youth League. We want one and we want it to succeed.
  • TUFC believe that a strong and robust NPL and WPL are critical for developing players and growing our sport.
  • We respect the decision any TUFC player or their parents make about whether to play in an NPL club or in the Capital Football Academy. We regard them part of our club family either way.

As the statement explains TUFC have received a commitment from Capital Football that from the 2017 season Capital Football Academy players will play in the NPL with their clubs.  We commend the Capital Football Board for this decision.

Members of the TUFC Board are happy to discuss the stances we have adopted on behalf of TUFC.  Please approach us at the grounds or email Secretary@tufc.org.au .

NPL Club Media Statement