2016 Registration Fee Message – UPDATE

–Due to changes in the length of the Premier League seasons, we have adjusted the registration fees accordingly, many are now lower.  Thanks for your patience with these changes.  Junior, State League and Masters fees are unchanged.–

We have now confirmed our registration fees for the 2016 season across all of our football programs.  These prices are complex to calculate, and in some cases changes in the leagues in which we play make drastic changes from season to season.  This accompanying advice is designed to explain why prices are what they are, and to allow the TUFC Board to clearly communicate why we have made the decisions that we have made.  This is the first time we have produced an accompanying advice, and we intend to continue the practice each year.

To help players and parents cope with football fees, we offer a number of initiatives.  We offer family discounts to multiple players from the same household.  Within strict parameters, we offer payment plans to those who need them.  We also offer player sponsorships for our adult and Premier League programs so a player can find a business to sponsor them and cover their fees.  The Board also consider requests for genuine hardship on a case by case basis, with preference for junior and high performance players.

After a realignment of Junior Program fees in 2015, the only adjustment made to these fees is to add 6% to cover the general increase in costs that TUFC incurs.  We intend to raise fees by a small percentage each year as an alternative to holding prices steady for a number of season and then having to large increases all at once.

Our State League and Masters Program, the adult social teams, has had a new fee structure introduced that we would like to explain.  We are recognising that the players in these teams have come to expect a high level of service and equipment, higher than many of our competitors offer.  They are also often time-poor busy individuals and have trouble contributing time to their club on top of their playing time.  Conversely, we know that there are players who are able (and in many cases keen) to pitch in to make the small amount of contribution we ask of our members.

With that in mind we have raised the base registration fees to sustain the level of service and equipment to which our players have become accustomed, as well as covering general increases.  In addition we have introduced a Volunteer Levy of $50 per player.  This levy is refundable at the end of the season subject to making the small contributions we ask of members – participating in team duties and selling a book of raffle tickets.  Players who are not able to make these contributions for whatever reason can opt out of them, and their levy will be retained as compensation.

This approach was a suggestion by multiple players and we think it is the best solution recognising not everyone can contribute time, but many can, and that without our players contributing to their club all fees would be much higher.  We have established a page on our website explaining the Volunteer Levy in detail.

We have continued to absorb a small part of this cost for our women’s social teams, in part to reinforce our commitment to increasing female participation in football as adults, and also to recognise the sharp increase in fees over the past few seasons.  The increase in men’s fees is the first since 2014.

Our high performance Premier League Program has undergone significant change over the past three years, as the FFA’s competition review resulted in increasingly high standards being introduced across Australia.  This means our programs are now more than ever developing young footballers to reach their full potential, but it comes at a financial cost to players, parents and our club.  We absorb as much of these costs as we can, and all PL Program players are significantly subsidised by fundraising and sponsors.  We contribute a larger subsidy to our women’s high performance fees as part of our commitment to increasing the participation of females in football.

Our NPL competitions will have three full rounds this year, increased from two last year, resulting in a corresponding large jump in fees as we hire more grounds, pay more refs etc.  We have also extended off-season training/trials to provide the 40 program weeks aspired to by the FFA National Curriculum.

The increases in our WPL programs also result in part from an increased number of matches, and also an extended pre-season and an increase in spending on program costs such as coach qualifications.

2016 Registration Prices

Junior Program
Age Group Registration Fee
Under 5 $180
Under 6 $160
Under 7 $160
Under 8 $185
Under 9 $185
Under 10 $210
Under 11 $210
Under 12 $250
Under 13 $265
Under 14 $265
Under 15 $265
Under 16 (see PL list for U16 Girls Div 1) $265
Under 17 $295
Under 18 $295


State League & Masters Program
Program Registration Fee Refundable Volunteer Levy
Men’s State League & Masters $450 and volunteer levy $50
Women’s State League & Masters $430 and volunteer levy $50


Premier League Program (Updated 10 Feb 2016)
Team Registration Fee
U13 Development Squad $450
U14 Development Squad $450
U15 Development Squad $450
U16 Development Squad $450
NPL13 $485
NPL14 $485
NPL16 $550
WPL16 (Under 16 Girls Div 1) $450
NPL18 $600
WPL18 $600
NPL20 $700
WPL20 $700