New initiatives strengthen our Women’s football programs

TUFC WPL Head Coach Michael Aldred tells us about the program being implemented and the 2016 season.

The Woman’s Premier League Program is looking forward to an exciting 2016 . The club has built upon the excellent groundwork done by Ed Hollis last season.

This season has seen the hiring of a whole new coaching team, the development and implementation of a playing philosophy that has been adopted across all areas of the woman’s game. The creation of a technical plan that aligns the junior and WPL program by the implementation of a junior academy creating a pathway for all junior and premier league girls.

The new initiatives devised and led by Head Coach Michael Aldred are a clear statement to the woman’s game across Canberra that Tuggeranong is and will be a leading light in the woman’s game in Canberra for many years.


On his appointment in September, Michael set about revamping the WPL program to embrace his football philosophy that is centred on the creation of a positive environment with a playing style that is proactive and creative utilising a possession based brand of football. Whilst developing a team based culture that is competitive and based upon hard work and opportunity.

In October the club appointed Troy Boots and Kim Morgan as the respective under 20 and 18 coaches. Troy and Kim have come on board embracing and building upon the football philosophy and have made a positive impression across all areas of the program.


All senior coaches are committed to ensuring that the club philosophy and playing style is implemented across all 3 WPL teams to ensure consistency across all teams.

As part of the overall technical plan it’s important to ensure the younger girls are getting the opportunity and exposure to a strong technical program giving them every opportunity to develop into quality players who may one day play WPL for Tuggeranong.

A junior academy that encompasses the ages of under 10 – 16 has been set up to support this program, Matthew Byrne has been recruited as the senior coach and under the guidance of  the Head coach, will work to develop a program that sees all Tuggeranong girls receive the best training possible in a structured and consistent manner giving all girls an opportunity to reach their full potential . The program will provide an excellent platform for all players to express themselves and develop at a pace that suits their individual development.


The introduction of the junior academy gives the club an opportunity to incorporate a mentor program between the junior players and the senior players. We are already seeing at the senior level the benefits of a program that embraces all players.

Our aspirations for 2016 are to be successful in a manner that all teams at the WPL level play to their full potential in a style that is consistent with the clubs philosophy. Achieving this goal will naturally see success both on and off the park for the senior sides. All sides have been in training since November and the club are confident that all teams have an excellent mixture of youth and experience to achieve their goals this season.


The implementation of the Academy will over time produce and encourage girls to play WPL and reach their full potential. We have already seen an increase of young girls wanting to come and play for Tuggeranong. As word spreads throughout the Canberra community of the positive changes and structure we have in place we expect to see a further increase in numbers and the quality of players the club will attract over the coming years.

The new philosophy and technical plan combined with the excellent team of coaches should see Tuggeranong United have an excellent 2016 and more importantly be successful in its long term goal of being a leader of the Woman’s game within Canberra.