AGM for the 2014 FY

TUFC held our first AGM since amalgamation on Monday 20 August with four board members re-appointed unopposed.  The meeting was held with a reduced quorum as per section 29.2 of the Club’s constitution.

Jon Thiele was re-appointed as President, Andrew Rose as Treasurer with Loretta Menham and Anthony Corder re-appointed as ordinary board members.  The meeting accepted reports from the President, Treasurer Communication & Sponsorship and Registration.

The meeting elected Anthony Corder as an Honorary Life Member of TUFC after a nomination by Jon Thiele.

General business heard good suggestions for providing canteen facilities at State League fixtures, ideas for engaging the volunteer coaches and managers more directly, and ways to ensure the club community understands what is meant by a ‘member’ of TUFC.  These were all noted and accepted by the Board.

Thank you to those who were able to attend our AGM.  We would like to see an increased involvement of our members in the meeting next year and welcome ideas to help that happen.  We know that despite and big positives we have achieved as a Club in recent years, there are certainly areas to improve and we can only do that if we know about them.

Copies of the annual are available to members (registered players and their parents if they are under 16) on request to the Secretary on