Message to members on CU Academy & Capital Football

You will be aware of the current issues that Tuggeranong United, and our fellow NPL clubs, have raised with the board of Capital Football over the implementation of the Canberra United Academy and the existing governance structure of Capital Football.
We can confirm that, following lengthy negotiations between the NPL clubs and Capital Football, and more recently Football Federation Australia, our NPL teams will be playing their scheduled matches this Sunday against the Canberra United Academy.
We need to make it clear however the issues are not resolved. Saying that, the NPL clubs have received assurance sufficient for us to be satisfied that our previous intentions to abstain from playing the Capital Football teams are not, for now, required.
We would like to assure our members that, contrary to some recent commentary in the media, we are acting with the best interests of football and our players at the forefront of our intentions. In detail:

We would like to reiterate that our issues are with Capital Football, and specifically the way these issues have been handled by them, not the players of the CU Academy or their families. We are pleased to be welcoming them to Kambah this weekend.

NPL Club Media Release