Reading help for your child

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Why Literacy?

Reading is the single most important activity to develop a child’s future literacy skills (the ability to read and write the printed word).  It’s one of modern society’s most basic life skills, and no child should be left behind because they couldn’t get the right help.

Kip McGrath Woden believe everybody has the right to learn to read and write and calculate, they just need to be taught properly.  For many children school on its own doesn’t fulfil their individual learning needs, and they struggle as a result.  That’s where additional private tuition in maths or English (grammar, comprehension, writing, spelling, and reading) from Kip McGrath can help.

Kip McGrath’s teachers ARE actually registered teachers, just as qualified as those in schools, in many case they currently teach in schools as well.  Each child offered a free assessment which informs a tailored learning programme individual to them.  Kip McGrath Woden use proven tuition methods, combined with regular progress updates, to ensure your child’s success.

Students of all ages, pre-school, primary and secondary, use tutoring from Kip McGrath.  Self confidence is just as important to Kip McGrath’s results.  Just as confidence can take a hit from struggling at school, re-gaining that confidence plays a huge part in improving those results.  Kip McGrath’s teachers know this and are invested in helping each student achieve their goals.

Kip McGrath is here to help

Recognising that your child is struggling and realising that there is help out there are big steps.  If you think private tutoring might help your child, call Kip McGrath Woden today for a free assessment.

Kip McGrath Woden website:

Location Address: Swinger Hill Shops, 84 Ainsworth St, Mawson, ACT, 2607

Phone: 02 6169 5297 or 0400 767 705



Kip McGrath Woden are generous sponsors of Tuggeranong United Football Club.  Please mention where you heard about them when you call, and thank them for their support.