Registration Fees 2017

The TUFC Board has now set the registration fees for the 2017 season.  We take this task seriously because it not only has a great affect on our financial viability, but we know that rego fees are a burden for many of our families.  Although we look heavily at the financial and budget implications of our fees, we also keep in the front of our minds the values of our football club – we create football opportunities for everyone.

We have adopted the principle that small annual rises are more manageable for families than occasional large hikes.  So for the majority of our fees we have increased by a flat 5%, representing the expected increase in most of our expenses.  We expect that each year a percentage will be added to all fees and we will set that percentage as low and we think we can afford.

In our Under 10 and Under 11 age groups, our analysis told us that we were not covering costs with these fees, so these two age groups will see a slightly larger increase to cover those costs.  The other older junior age groups also have some adjustments with the aim of more aligning those fees in 2018 and create less variance in the fee levels.  We didn’t want to do that all at once though, so the adjustment this year are halfway there.  This means the Under 18s fees only rose slightly and the Under 13 and 14 fees haven’t risen at all.

For our social adult players we introduced a Volunteer Levy in 2016 to encourage a culture of contribution, and to address a perceived desire of some players to pay extra in lieu of volunteering.  In 2017 we have decided that the levy is not required and we have removed it.  The volunteering culture saw a significant improvement last season and we wanted to acknowledge that by dropping the levy.  Those players who qualified for a refunded levy and who didn’t take up the complementary presentation night ticket will have their $50 refunded shortly.

We note that Capital Football announced recently that their fees will not increase in 2017.  That’s great news and we commend Capital Football for making that bold decision.  We have taken that into account when setting these fees.  We ask that our members remember that the Capital Football component only covers the league and other administration services that CF provide.  They do not cover any of the many other costs such as training and match day ground hire, referees, floodlighting, uniforms, equipment, infrastructure, coaching courses.  Therefore as much as we would like to also not increase fees that is not viable.

2017 TUFC Registration Fees

MiniRoos Under 5 (All players receive a welcome to football pack) $189
MiniRoos Under 6 $168
MiniRoos Under 7 $168
MiniRoos Under 8 $194
MiniRoos Under 9 $194
Junior Under 10 (girls & open) $245
Junior Under 11 (girls & open) $245
Junior Under 12 (girls & open) $265
Junior Under 13 (girls & open) $265
Junior Under 14 (girls & open) $265
Junior Under 15 (girls & open) $280
Junior Under 16 (girls & open) $280
Junior Under 18 (girls & open) $300
Development Squads (all ages) $473
NPL13, NPL14 & WNPL13 $510
WNPL15 & NPL16 $578
WNPL17 & NPL18 $630
WNPL Reserves & NPL20 $735
Men’s and Women’s Capital League, State League & Masters $473