Saints Men’s Masters match report

Round 3                 11:00am, Sunday 17 APRIL 2016

Team:                     SAINTS vs BELWEST

Location:               KAMBAH 2-3

On a rather cloudy day in the Tuggeranong Valley, the Saints 14-man squad assembled in meeting their opposition for this game in the form of BELWEST, at our home-ground of Kambah 2-3.. Our lack of player personnel on the ‘bench’ was bolstered by the arrival of John TASKOVSKI, however, not having a regular goalkeeper still presented a problem. Again, unfortunately, Leslie HERBERT had to don the goalkeeper gloves!  The early exchanges were one-sided, with SAINTS having total dominance and the first 3 minutes, new boy, Nick PROUD (1), slotted a cross from the left to put us one goal up. This opened the goal floodgates as the goals came thick and fast, from Russ GIBBS (3) , Angelo BALLON (1), John TASKOVSKI (1) and Martin ZACHARA (1). Unfortunately, in a SAINTS goal-mouth scramble, a Belwest player managed to toe the ball into the back of the net.


After a half-time break, Belwest made a few incursions into SAINTS territory. This was ably repelled by the back four of Antony CORDER, Dean ACHESON, Antony CERUTI and a welcome to the Saints team of Fernando CECERES (who had a cracking game at Sweeper). There was some excellent wave-after-wave of attacks on the Belwest goal from the forwards in the form of Russ GIBBS,  Martin ZACHARA, Joh TASKOVSKI and Angelo BALLON, with Gino BALLON, Theo BOGIATZIS, Nick PROUD and David ARELLANO effectively controlling the midfield.  SAINTS kept strong pressure on the Belwest back four and inevitably, the goal scoring maestro, Russ GIBBS slotted another (3) with John TASKOVSKI adding (2) to his tally. In the latter part of the second half with strong pressure on the Belwest goal, the Belwest defender managed to deflect a shot form Russ GIBBS into his own goal. With SAINTS releasing the pressure and a modicum of fatigue setting in, Belwest managed to slot two goals. Adam BYRNE managed a cameo appearance to give Fernando CECERES a rest.  In the last 15 minutes of the game, it was decided to replace Leslie HERBERT in goals (excellent idea) and Angelo BALLON donned the goalkeeper gloves (kept a clean sheet for the last 5 minutes of the game). Leslie replaced Adam BYRNE at Centre Back. This was an excellent Saints performance but we do have a bit of work to do in being more incisive in the oppositions 18 yard area and keep momentum for the full 90 minutes.


Goal Scorers:        Russ GIBBS (6)

                                John TASKOVSKI (3)

                                Martin Zachara (1)

                                Angelo BALLON (1)

                                Nick PROUD (1)