Team Photos 2016 – Junior & MiniRoo

Saturday 28 May and Saturday 4 June are the dates for our Junior and MiniRoo team photos at Wanniassa.  Please refer to the below schedule for times each day.

MT Photography order envelope

Time 28th May 4th June
8.15am U/9 Bats U/9 Penguins
8.20am U/9 Crocs U/9 Possums
8.30am U/9 Dingoes U/9 Thunderstrike
8.40am U/9 Eagles U/9 Wombats
8.45am U/6 Comets U/6 Meteors
8.50am U/6 Cosmos U/6 Rockets
8.55am U/6 Cyclones U/6 Storm
9am U/6 Flames U/6 Strikers
9.05am U/6 Hurricanes U/6 Thunder
9.10am U/6 Lightning U/6 Tornadoes
9.15am U/5 Beagles U/5 Collies
9.20am U/5 Boxers U/5 Huskies
9.25am U/5 Bulldogs U/5 Spaniels
9.30am U/8 Eagles U/8 Kites
9.35am U/8 Falcons U/8 Kookaburras
9.40am U/8 Hawks U/8 Magpies
9.45am U/8 Herons U/8 Ospreys
9.50am U/7 Fury U/7 Roar
10am U10 Black (Away) U/7 Rovers
10.10am U/7 Galaxy U/7 Stars
10.15am U/7 Glory U/7 Turtles
10.20am U/7 Knights U/7 Victory
10.25am U/7 Phoenix U/7 Wanderers
10.30am U/10 Girls Div 2 White U/7 Pirates
Time 28th May 4th June
10.35am U/10 White
10.40am U/10 Blue U/10 Red
10.45am U/10 Yellow
11.20am U/11 Blue U/13 Development
11.30am U/11 Yellow U/13 Div 3
11.40am U/13 Div 1 U/11 Red – Thunderstrike
11.50am U/11 White – Lightning
12.40pm U12 Div 1 Red U/12 Girls Div 1
12.50pm U/14 Div 2 U/12 Girls Div 2
1.00pm U12 Div 2 Blue
1.15pm U/14 Development (Away)
1.50pm U/16 Girls Div 1
2pm U/16 Development U/16 Girls Div 3 Diamonds
2.10pm U/16 Div2 U/15 Div 2
2.20pm U/18 Div 2


The team from MT Photography are in control on the day and have given us these instructions for parents to help the days go smoothly.

Please try to arrive 10 mins before your allocated photo time. This will allow the team to get organised and make the experience an enjoyable one for everybody. Please have your child/ children ready for the photo in full playing gear, with jerseys tucked in, their footy socks on and pulled up with boots on.

Photo order envelopes will come home with your child and a copy is available here if for some reason your child’s envelope does not come home with them. You can print this off and attach it to a blank envelope after completing if required.

MTPhoto offers 3 payment methods: old fashioned cash, Eftpos on the day or prepay online (details below).The photographer Michael Thompson Photography has also provided some useful links to assist coaches and parents prepare for the day.

  • There is an option to order and make payments online –  Online order form click enter here<> and please also select “Your team” in the school or club tab … Please also bring the completed envelope to the photos with the online payment section ticked