Time to join for Girls Juniors Under 10 to Under 18

Our new structure for our junior girls teams means that it’s time to start training right now!  All girls interested in playing junior football in a girls only team should attend our Girls Academy training that has already commenced, every Tuesday and Thursday from 5.00pm – 6.30 pm at Wanniassa Oval No. 2, Wheeler Cres.

It is important you attend the training as the teams for the 2016 season will be chosen from the training sessions.  Players still need to register when our registration packages are open, but are encouraged to begin attending training now.  The training will replace the normal grading process and will be continuous throughout the season

We at Tuggeranong United have been busily working over the summer to ensure that players in 2016 have the best opportunity to develop and become the best players they can be in an environment that encourages self-development and provides excellent coaching.

Over the summer we looked at the structure of the women’s game at Tuggeranong and made some changes that we believe will enhance the experience of all players and supporters.

All junior girl teams from Under 10s to Under 18s will be training in an Academy format, the training will be every Tuesday and Thursday from 5.00pm – 6.30 pm at Wanniassa Oval No. 2, Wheeler Cres.

The earlier all 2016 attend training and register the more accurately we can allocate teams to the correct divisions, so please don’t delay attending.

Once teams have been selected you will continue to train on Tuesday and Thursday and the set times.

If you have an interest in coaching one of the teams or have any questions please e-mail wplcoach@tufc.org.au

We look forward to seeing you at the training next week.