TUFC playing kit survey


One of the outcomes of our strategic planning in 2014 was a desire to align the playing kits that our teams wear.  You will be aware that across our programs our teams wear no less than a dozen different playing kits.  There are strong club identity reasons for aligning these, as well as logistic and financial reasons.

With this in mind the TUFC Board has made a number of decisions, and is seeking club member input before making some further decisions.  TUFC will design a playing kit plan that outlines what each program will wear, and will work toward implementing it in a financially sensible timeframe.

The Board has decided that:

  • The hoops design currently worn by the National Premier League squad has become very widely recognised as TUFC and will become the template for all TUFC’s Premier League playing kits for male, female and youth squads. These programs represent our club’s image to the most broad audience and it is appropriate for the Board to manage that image.  The ‘Tuggies hoops’ will become the shirt our players will aspire to wear in our high performance programs.  We will go through a design process for producing a female-appropriate version.
  • Male and female playing kits should be generally the same visual design. However there is room for some slight adjustments to give a bit of identity to each gender, plus to ensure the designs are gender-appropriate.
  • All female playing kits should be female-cut from at least Under 12s and older.
  • Migrating to the new uniform plan will take 2-3 years to be complete, we shouldn’t replace strips that are perfectly fine.
  • The club will seek supplier options that don’t tie us to off-the-rack designs. This has been a factor in the disparate designs in use now.
  • The current MiniRoos playing kits used by teams up to Under 9 are appropriate and no change is currently proposed.

The TUFC Board wants to hear the members’ opinions on the playing kits for the community league programs – Juniors from Under 10, Men’s and Women’s State League, Capital League and Masters.  We have produced a survey for members to complete which will gather feedback to be used when deciding on coordinated playing kits for these programs.

All players and parents are encouraged to participate regardless of the program they are currently playing in.

The survey also asks whether the club should have any historical or achievement references on our playing kits.

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