Tuggeranong United Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are what makes a club successful, and our current crop are the best we’ve ever had, which is why we are striding ahead as a club.  But we always need more.

If you are the type of person who isn’t interested in role descriptions and just want to get on with it, then please email Secretary@tufc.org.au let us know you want to volunteers and what you think you can help at.

If you’d like to see what we’re looking for and what it’s all about, then read our role descriptions below, then contact Secretary@tufc.org.auand let us know what role or roles you’re thinking of.  These are just a guide, so if they don’t quite fit, don’t worry, we have a place for everyone.

Junior program

Team Coaches

Our junior program always needs coaches, our largest volunteer group.  If you are interested in coaching one of our junior teams, please contact Secretary@tufc.org.au.  TUFC offers subsidised coaching courses for many of our coaches.

Team Managers and Age Coordinators

We also require Team Managers for each team, and Age Coordinators to work with those managers.  These roles would suit those who are reliable and have a bit of organisation skills.  They involve a small amount of work each week, mostly talking to people to make sure everything is ready for the weekend.

Junior Match Day Coordinator and set up/pack down Crew Members.

Our junior match days are an event of their own every Saturday.  We would like to put a team together that works together to ensure it runs smoothly and professionally every week.  A small team of people who can organise small aspects such as equipment set up and pack down, and a coordinator to ensure any issues are dealt with.  You do not need to be there all day every week, and any time you can spare is appreciated.

Premier League programs

Team managers

If you are reliable, have good organisation skills and can communicate well with people, then we want you as a team manager in our PL programs.  These teams require a bit more administration than our social teams, but still quite light work for a capable person.  The main effort is attending each match, so often a player’s parent is a good fit.

General admin assistants

Our PL Coordinators are very busy people, and need a few people who can lighten their load by taking some of their more simple tasks.  This could be as simple as communicating information to coaches, dropping equipment to the right place and just being an extra set of hands.  Our PL programs are exciting places to be, so this would suit a enthusiastic football fan who wants to be involved.

Home match day coordinator

We hold a Premier League home match day every week at Kambah 2, and we want them to be the best match day in the region.  We have many ideas in terms of promotions, facility set ups and fan entertainment, but it needs someone enthusiastic to make it happen.  If you are reliable and enthusiastic about football, have good organisational skills and can make things happen, then we want to hear from you!  We have positions for both the men’s PL match days and women’s PL match days.  Each program mostly plays at home each fortnight.

Home match day announcers

We want to make an exciting atmosphere at our home matches, as well as plug our valuable sponsors, so if you don’t mind talking a bit and know how to entertain a crowd, then drop us a line about this position.

Home match day ground set up and pack up crew

Working with the PL coordinators and the home match day coordinator, we need a small group of helpers to set up our home match days at Kambah.  It’s pretty simple stuff but it stills needs doing – nets, corner flags, “Bunnings” chairs as well as our sponsor signage all need setting up each time.  With enough volunteers we can set up a roster, and you won’t have to do both the start and the end!  This role may best suit a parent of the first or last team who would be there anyway.

Social football

Women’s Program Coordinators

As our program grows we need a small group of coordinators to help us run this program.  Organising pre-season, distributing information and equipment distribution are some of the things we need these helpers to do.

Women’s State League coaches

We have more women’s social teams than ever before, and we need some coaches to guide these enthusiastic players each week.  These must be some of the best fun teams to coach in the club so if you like enjoyment with you football, get in touch with us at Treasurer@tufc.org.au.


Membership coordinator

One of the Board’s plans is to establish a formal non-playing membership scheme that will expand our contact list and can plug into our business partners for special members-only discounts etc.  This role is about helping set that up and maintaining it as new members join.  It’s not a time critical role, so would suit those with spare time here and there.  We are looking for someone with good administrative skills to maintain the database of members.

Assistants for registration admin

With around 1100 players, our registrars are very busy people.  We are looking for a few helpers that can work with them for the peak periods as well as helping them with planning for the next intake.  It’s a lot of data entry and information management, so if that’s your bag then we would love to hear from you.  You can do most of it from home, so would suit those who need a bit more flexibility.

Record keeping assistance with compliance

Football administration is becoming more regulated, which is a good thing.  But it means that we have a variety of compliance issues to deal with.  Our registrars need some assistance to keep records of Working with Vulnerable People registrations, first aid and coaching qualifications and reporting those for the various applications we have to complete each year.  If this kind of compliance is something you are familiar with, or if you’re just good with lists and numbers, then we’d like to talk to you.


General book keeping and financial admin support to the Treasurer

Our club turns over as much money as a small business each year, and the more help we can give to our hard-working Treasurer the better things will run.  We’d love to have a small team of finance professionals such as book-keepers or accountants that can work with our Treasurer.  If this sounds like you then please get in touch.


Our Secretary is always completing some sort of application or report that we need to perform to run the various programs at TUFC.  Examples are our National Premier League applications, our National Club Accreditation applications and the ongoing reporting that these require.  To help, we would love to hear from expert report writers or project managers that can support the Board pulling the required information together and producing professional documents.


Event Organisers

We’re a social club and we hold lots of events at Tuggies, so we need lots of people to pitch in and help with them.  If you’re good at pulling events together and making things happen then we want to hear from you.

General event helpers

If you don’t have the time or perhaps the confidence to take the lead for an event, but would like to lend a hand where you can, please drop us a line also.  Events need many hands to run smoothly, and we’d love to have yours helping us.

Commercial Operations

Equipment and property coordinator and assistants

With nearly 100 football teams, we have lots of stuff!  We also have our shop/canteen at Wanniassa and five storage containers.  We are looking for someone to coordinate our property, as well as assistants to help be part of their team.  With a smart team in this area we can improve our service and save money at the same time.  So if logistics is something you are pretty good at, please get in contact.

Merchandise coordinator and assistants

People are hungry for Tuggies merchandise.  We know that and want to feed them, but we need a few helpers to coordinate it.  Working out the best way for people to buy merchandise is a big part of this role, so if you have experience or an interest in online purchasing then you will be appreciated in this team.  A bit of design nous and an enthusiasm for anything green, white and gold will also help.

Communications and Sponsorship

Social media contributors

If you’re addicted to Facebook and Twitter, hang out at Tuggies matches and can write good English without swearing then you’re in!

Match report contributors

Someone who loves football and can’t stop talking about the last match is perfect for this role.  We need lots of people willing to write about the Tuggies games they watch or play in.  We especially need people to be at each women’s and men’s PL match to write it up.

Team Photo coordinator

We have a great team photo company, MT Photos, who do most of the leg work.  We just need one or two people to work with the program coordinators and get the right info to the crew at MT Photography.  It’s mostly limited to the June period but very important to preserve those memories.

Sponsorship managers

We have much to offer sponsors, and there are many leads that we can follow to find more business supporters.  These people need business nous and a genuine skill in building relationships for the club.

Sponsor support helpers

We have a growing list of business partners and now we need to look after them!  It’s vital to keep our sponsors engaged in the club and we need some sensible and reliable people with good communication skills to join the sponsorship team and help.

Website article contributors

If you’re a good writer, maybe a journalism student, and would like to contribute some stories about the club, our members or our sponsors to the Tuggies website then drop us a line.


We need photos of all our matches and events, and we want you to help us.  If you’ve got a decent camera and know how to use it then let us know which events you’ll be at the we’ll tell you how to get the images to us.


We would like to increase the amount of video we produce, of games ,interviews and sponsor promos.  If video is your thing and you have some time to contribute, then the publicity team wants you!