What does this ‘Whole of Football Plan’ mean for me?


FFA – Whole of Football Plan

Football Federation Australia recently launched their “Whole of Football Plan” aimed at driving the sport forward over the next 20 years.  The plan is intentionally ambitious, and sets out clear goals.
The plan was assembled based on a wide consultation process with the Australian football community and a range of experts.  There was a series of workshops, including one in Canberra with TUFC representatives present.  And thousands of people filled in online surveys.
The broad goals have enjoyed wide publicity, but there are some specific gems in the Plan that will bring benefit for Tuggeranong United members as they are implemented over time.

-FFA will introduce online modules to support grassroots coaches, alongside a ‘network of mentors’ within clubs, and a ‘network of educators’ throughout districts.

-A National Facilities Strategy will be developed, starting with a detailed needs analysis.  At Tuggies we are keen to take part in this!

-Referee recruitment will focus on people with ‘football common sense’, which means players and ex-players.

-A Women’s National Premier League will be established in every region.  This is something we are very excited about.

-Elite development programs will complement club programs instead of being an alternative.  Our most talented players will play for clubs and receive extra training from ‘National Development Centres’.
The Whole of Football Plan