WNPL Shirt Sponsors

This season we are trialing a new sponsorship initiative for our Women’s National Premier League shirts, where businesses can sponsor one shirt worn by a player of their choice.  Thank you to these businesses who are supporting our football club.

If you would like to become a WNPL shirt sponsor please contact Sponsorship@tufc.org.au

No. 27, Lily Papandrea, is sponsored by iC Formwork
No. 29, Abigail Taunton, is sponsored by Evolution QSE
No. 7, Rhiannon Daisley, is sponsored by M C Daisley Services
No. 10, Sarah Daisley, is sponsored by Absolute Outdoor Constructions  
No. 53, Claire Falls, is sponsored by Serene Hairdressing
No. 49, Zoe Taylor, is sponsored by MP Signs  
No. 31, Kylie Webber, is sponsored by Webber Transport
No. 19, Beth Williams, is sponsored by ATC Renovations  
No. 2, Tiana Boots, is sponsored by Sky Fencing
No. 14, Mikayla Boots, is sponsored by Sky Fencing
No. 55, Chloe Daisley, is sponsored by ADDA Appliance Service