Volunteer Levy Information

As explained in our 2016 Registration Fee Message, we have introduced a Volunteer Levy on our adult State League (inc. Capital League) and Masters players for 2016.

Players pay the $50 levy as part of their registration before the season starts and returned at the end of the season subject to a minimum level of contribution.  Players can elect to either receive their $50 back or to receive a ticket to 2016 Presentation Night.

The minimum contribution will be calculated on a team basis with plenty of help from team managers.  This was a request from some teams who wanted to be able to pitch in and help their teammates who are less able to make all the contributions.

For players to receive the levy refund, their team must have:

  1. fully staffed their two duty rosters during the season.
  2. return 100% of raffle books issued to them, with at least 75% sold.

All State League (inc. Capital League) and Masters teams will be rostered onto duty at either NPL, WPL, Women’s State League or Junior match days twice during the year.  It will include simple duties such as canteen work and ground set up.  Please note that although PL players do not have the levy applied to them, they will still be rostered onto duty the same as the social teams.

Players who are unable to make these contributions for whatever reason, can now inform their team manager of that decision and opt out.  Team duties and raffle book issuing will be adjusted to take these players into account and they will forfeit the levy refund.  This now gives extra flexibility to our busy adult players to choose paying extra in lieu of volunteering, a perfectly acceptable choice.

Recognising the role our team managers play in this scheme, as well as the rest of the critical work they do, nominated team managers will be exempt from the Volunteer Levy.  Each team can have up to two nominated team managers.