Juniors and MiniRoo Playing Times & Draws

Juniors (U10-U18)

All Juniors draws and playing times will be announced by Capital Football at

ActewAGL Junior League

MiniRoos (U5-U9)

Due to the current phase of COVID19 restrictions our traditional playing times have been revised. Please refer to the MiniRoos Return to Play plan

The full draw will be distributed to coaches and managers when complete.

Below is the revised draw for Round 1 only on the 20th June.


Round 1 – 20th June Field
Beagles vs Collies 2G
Boxers vs Kelpies 4H
Bulldogs vs BYE


Round 1 – 20th June Field
Arrows vs Knights 4G
Bears vs Ninjas 4H
Dragons vs Wildcats 2G
Jets vs Wizards 2H


Round 1 – 20th June Field
Eagles vs Magpies 3A
Falcons vs Ospreys 1A
Hawks vs Owls 1F
Herons vs Parrots 1C
Kookaburras vs BYE
Kites vs Swans 3C


Round 1 – 20th June Field
Comets vs Storm 1F
Galaxy vs Strikers 3C
Meteor vs Victory 3F
Rockets vs Waves 3A
Stars vs Thunder 3D


Round 1 – 20th June Field
Cosmos vs Lightning 1A
Cyclones vs Tornado 1D
Hurricanes vs Typhoon 1C