Former Presidents

Tuggeranong United Football Club can trace its roots back to 1976 as Kambah United and in the many years since the club gradually expanded into a Juniors, Seniors, and Womens club – each with their own president and board until 2014 when the club returned to the single club we know as Tuggies! Click here for more history.

Our former presidents below

Kambah UnitedWanniassa Tigers/TSC
1976Stewart Devlin 
1977Stewart DevlinRon Jones
1978Stewart DevlinRon Jones
1979Norm OakleyRon Jones
1980Norm OakleyTom Pollock
1981Norm OakleyTom Pollock
1982Norm OakleyTom Pollock
1983Norm Oakley
1984Peter Sands
1985Peter Sands
1986George PattersonSteve Lowndes
Tuggeranong United
1987Graeme Plath
1988Ian Primrose
1989Ian Primrose
1990Ian Primrose
1991Graeme Plath
1992Graeme Plath
 Tuggeranong United JuniorsTuggeranong United Seniors
1993Maurice RousellJacky Gibson
1994Vivienne Evans/BreenJacky Gibson
1995Vivienne Evans/BreenJacky Gibson
1996Vivienne Evans/BreenWayne Hughes
1997Vivienne Evans/BreenWayne Hughes
1998Vivienne Evans/BreenWayne Hughes
1999Vivienne Evans/BreenWayne Hughes
2000Vivienne Evans/BreenAndrew Whitecross
2001Vivienne Evans/BreenAndrew Whitecross
2002Vivienne Evans/BreenAndrew Whitecross/Christopher Lang
2003Vivienne Evans/BreenChristopher Lang
2004Vivienne Evans/BreenChristopher Lang
2005Vivienne Evans/BreenChristopher Lang
2006Vivienne Evans/BreenChristopher Lang
 Tuggeranong United JuniorsTuggeranong United SeniorsTuggeranong United Womens
2007Alan BanbridgeNeil LeechJohn Herd
2008Alan BanbridgeNeil LeechJohn Herd
2009Jon ThieleApera Pou/Anthony CorderJohn Herd
2010Jon ThieleAnthony CorderAlan Adams
2011Jon ThieleAnthony CorderAlan Adams
2012Jon ThieleAnthony CorderVerity Leeper
2013Jon ThieleJon ThieleMal Daisley
 Tuggeranong United
2014Jon Thiele
2015Jon Thiele
2016Jon Thiele
2017Jon Thiele
2018Jon Thiele
2019Stan Mitchell