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The everyday ‘mechanics’ of the Tuggeranong United Football Club is managed and administered by a group of volunteers who are passionate about football and our club.

These people make up our Board and along with our other volunteers ensure that the club continues to function and grow each year. Without the continual efforts and dedication of such people our club would not be able to maintain its successes.
We encourage all our players, members and supporters to give a ‘special thank-you’ to these folks …next time you bump into them around the ovals. If you have time to assist then please find one of the Board and offer your assistance.

Club President

Club President

Stan Mitchell

Vice President

Vice President

Position Vacant

Club Secretary

Club Secretary

Nicolle Sullivan



Michael Lorenzato

Cameron Mitchell

Position Vacant

Clare McNamara

Position Vacant

Jacob Padrotta

Andrew Stephens

Don Wales

OUR life members

lifetime members.

Wanniassa Tigers/TSC

Ron Jones

Bob Hanks

Tom Pollock

Tuggeranong United

George Sullivan
Les Herbet

Anthony Corder
Jon Thiele

Mal Daisley
Craig Toole

Andrew Rose
Steve Diggle


Jacky Gibson
Vivienne Evans/Breen
Jean French

Steve Amor
Vic Jones
Andrew Stephens

Tom Pollock
John Herd


Laurie Coulter
Peter Reid

Wayne Hughes

Martin Gibson


Maureen Jennings

Julie Herd

John Herd