Family Discounts

Family Discounts

We offer family discounts at TUFC.  The principle is to offer relief for family households paying for multiple registration fees.  The threshold for a discount is three players.  The discounts apply regardless of program and age of players.

The discount applies when three or more players from the same family are registered as fee-paying players for Tuggeranong United in the same season.  It applies to parents and guardians, and the children under 20 years of age for which they are responsible.

These discounts do not apply to Summer Sixes.

  • One and two players at TUFC – No discount
  • Three players at TUFC –  $50 discount for third player (in decreasing order of age, ie youngest)
  • Four players at TUFC – $50 discount for third player and $50 discount for fourth player (in decreasing order of age, ie. youngest two players)
  • Five or more players at TUFC – $50 discount for each of the third, fourth and fifth player.

How to apply

In the new Playfootball website, family members / siblings are automatically grouped if they are registered with the same email address. In this case, the Playfootball system should automatically apply the appropriate family discount. If this does not occur then register as usual and do not pay online using the Playfootball site.  Choose the “pay later” option.  Then email and ask to receive a family discount.  Your email must contain the names and FFA numbers of all players in the family, and an explanation of the relationship between the players.  The Registrar will use this information to confirm the discount is applicable and will confirm the total amount payable directly to TUFC.  The Registrar will decide at their discretion whether a group is eligible based on the principle of providing relief for family households paying for multiple players.



The Johnson family has three children playing for TUFC in 2019.  They receive a discount of $50 on their registration of their youngest child.

Joe plays in TUFC’s men’s State League program, and his two children also play for TUFC.  One of Joe’s children receives a $50 discount.

Maree and Steven are in a defacto relationship with children from previous relationships.  They have four children playing for TUFC.  A $50 discount applies to the registration of the 2 youngest children, total discount for the family is $100.

Sharon and Rob both play for TUFC adult grades, and they have a child playing TUFC MiniRoos.  They receive a $50 discount on their child’s fee.

Malcolm plays Masters for TUFC and his daughters play for TUFC.  Malcolm’s younger daughter is eligible for a registration discount of $50.